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FIFA World Cup 1974 a time to remember.

During the 1974 FIFA World Cup, Haiti shared the same group with Argentina, Italy and Poland. This Haitian squad had many talents such as the goalie, Henri Fancillon; the talented, Philippe Vorbe; The Iron man in the defense, Ernst Jean-Joseph. However, Sanon was the hope of Haiti in the 1974 World Cup. He had to face Dino Zoff who had a world record shut out lasting 1143 minutes. With that said, facing the Italians was not an easy task for the Haitian Internationals.

The game took place at the historic Munich Stadium. The world was watching a battle between Goliath and David. Haitians celebrated in the streets just to see their country among the best in the world. They knew that their team would not be able to compete against the giants of the world. On the other hand, they knew that the world would have a chance to see the Haitian Pele. Certainly the world did see the talented Sanon in the 46th minute.

After receiving a magnificent thru-ball by Philippe Vorbe, Emmanuel Sanon managed to dribble Zoff and catapulted the ball in the net to give Haiti a 1-0 lead over Italy; thereby ended the 1143 minutes Zoff shut out. One could only imagine how Haitian soccer fans felt. Even though Haiti lost the game 1-3, the world had witnessed the Haitian Pele who shocked the world by beating one of the best goalies in the world, Dino Zoff.

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