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This Wall Behind We Hide...
by Wilgeens Rosenberg.

Between you and I,
There is this wall.
A resentment before our eyes,
An embarrassment to the world.

Behind this wall is you and I.
Not you or I alone,
But all that is mean and nice
Is why we never get along.

Between you and I,
There are now many secrets.
So are inks of our combined pride
Our pasts which may have many regrets.

But behind this wall is you and I.
Our glories and shame.
The love and hate we hide,
But still the worries are the same.

With this wall, we hide only Hispaniola.

Souplé, Pa Rayi Afro Non!

Sonjé pou n'al manjé nan Chato Kréyòl Réstoran.
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