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Who remembers these lovely songs from the very link below?  
If only I remember the name of the singer...  

(Ah bon Je l'ai trouver -- Behn voila, c'est l'Experience 7)

One of the songs "Isabelle" is dedicated to the woman above.  

My heart has just found its rhythm for feeling and beating restless for a human; yet if only her ears were just close enough to hear the deepest distance and expanded dimensions the rhythm of my heart has traveled to give out just one single beat for her... 

However Elza "Zaza" Dry, can no other woman replace you.  I still miss and love you baby, you are and will forever be my very first love always!

Pero es porque por este mujer ahora llorar alma mia tanto. Et malgre tout, J'ai plus de re"Morse" meme pour les mefiance D'Isabelle parce que☛ ☚Je pense que Je l'aime tellement!

Click on "Wilfield 1982" below:


Old Boston, Massachusets 02136

(Winter) Early February, 1800's

Gleaming Moon of 2:00 AM


Sweet dearest Isabelle

    It has come to this day, yet I malinger quite mellow of any last hope.  What has such misfortune days be of your well being? Painfully still, I care love... 

    Our love was too fragil a feeling, too strong a word to have said so soon and nor to have endangered of and in a world to have survived too early...  Indeed as well as it had been to us too beautiful, too greater a meaning to have said or lived it too late or yet nevertheless at all...  However, we knew better of what was felt of what was indeed instant, pure and graceful.  Unaware to our denials I wrote you this, love...  
 And she Is-a-belle as it came to me in a whisper than a dream, so have the memories of the old promised days why it is as thorn a heart hard to bear and to ever phantom such a day to come was ignorant of a sight where in moment before this time it would have been frozen of my might to ever will have to say... 

    Isabelle is no more; and sincerely Isabelle Morse my love, with deep and further regrets came the days of hopelessness.  Our love, the love that once were us...  

Tenderly yours,

Sir.  Wilgeens "AfroLatino" Rosenberg

Isabelle Is No More 
by Wilgeens "AfroLatino" Rosenberg. 

What says the reasons 
You have left sush asudden, 
You have given up on us; Oh why 
With disregard as such you have ignored 

For our love have traveled 
Through and across many 
As glad did so our souls roamed 
This open field as we last seen it 

The clouds today, remembered us 
Stagnant they were, thick and white 
Yielding bright on a blue canvas sky and still 
Oh the many seasons we have shared 

Our joy dashed all through 
Traces of the evergreens 
None other smells to rejoice 
To compare then the prestine lillies 

Our laughters were never our pains 
Only the bliss of our remedies 
What hence became today 
Rather the fruit of our sweet miseries 

Isabelle is no more  

Donc je suis, ma "Belle" Isabelle,

L'homme qui est heureux d'etre ainsi si ravis de voir telle beaute... Tes yeux d'un ange "Belle" marabou ou tes levres d"Isa" Cayimite trouve que dans le jardin d'un amoureux captive par la floraison de "belle" d'Isa fleurs d'Isabelle, c'est Isabelle. 

Comme je suis perdu dans ton monde comme une abeille ivrogne noyade de ton nectar ou de ta pollen tres "Isabelle" au jours amoureux d'hiver ou du 14 Fevrier, toujours inoubliable que nous disons c'est "Isabelle" de☛ ☚Saint-Valentin est aussi ma morte et reMorse douce et vecu lol!  I am dumbfounded by your "Is-a-belle" eyes, your sexy lips and you are amazingly beautiful... indeed you carry your name right "Tres Isabelle" et belle toujours! 

I wish to know more of and about you or perhaps would I only get to admire you through the bliss of what modern days have to offer such is the internet for our exchanges?


Will Rosenberg

P.S: Is it of any coincidence and wonder you are of the fruit of a woman I grew up admiring from a musical group called RAM which I love. Thus, will you forgive me if I am charmed to feel so captivatingly in love with the idea that is all of you lol!


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I feel love

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