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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Steeve Khé officially resigns from Djakout # 1 Montréal, Canada, November 20th, 2015. - After having worked for 2 years at Djakout # 1, somewhat rocky, marked by its share of ups and downs, Steeve Khé has decided to officially end his service as a Singer in this popular Konpa band. Steeve’s demission follows the submission of a letter to the Management team requesting an increase in his fees per gig as well as other collateral benefits. This letter suddenly sparked a growing unease among his fellow musicians after being unexpectedly ended up in a popular blog. Steeve Khé was publicly accused by his fellow musicians as the only one to be blamed for the leak; however there was no evidence presented to support this claim. By doing so, he was left to the mercy of any speculations that could have tarnished his image in the media. Regrettably, these claims came from the same individuals who were supposed to protect him in such unfortunate situation. Steeve was laid off for one-month as a sanction without being informed at the time of his engagement of any existing Code of Conduct at Djakout # 1. Even worse, influential musicians made offensive and inappropriate statements that fueled the fires in time of conflict instead of putting them out. As a result of those barely veiled insults and baseless accusations, Steeve Khé temporarily withdrew from the music scene to spend time with his family in Montreal. He also has taken the opportunity to consult his advisors, Agent and other influential personalities in the Konpa business before making up his own mind as to whether he would actually revive his singing career or not. Steeve Khé would like to express sincere thanks to Djakout # 1 for giving him this great opportunity to use his singing skills to benefit the Konpa Direct. This very rewarding experience will forever be engraved in his mind. Above all, he would like to thank his worldwide fans from the bottom of his heart for their unconditional support during this troubling and difficult time as well as their sound advice for his future endeavors. Their emails, phone calls, SMS, tweets, DMs, Whatsapp messages, Facebook comments were highly appreciated and comforting. Steeve Khé also thanks the Journalists and Radio/TV hosts for their understanding of his decision to stay away from the media and remain silent to the false allegations from some bandmates until his final decision is reached in this case. At present, Steeve Khé is working extremely hard on his upcoming solo album and, at the same time, his Agent is holding intensive talks with other popular Konpa bands to plan his next and, probably, final destination. Meanwhile, he informs event promoters and any other individuals interested to book his service that he remains available for live shows in either one-man or small band format. For information and booking, please call his Agent: Jhonny ‘’djecee’’ Célicourt Email: Tel: +1 (509) 3719-6534 | +1 (407) 501-5059 Twitter: @djecee | @steevekhemusic
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