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For everyone who have been calling and texting me about K-dans bal last night. We at we promote all type of events. We have no control over any business owners or promoters business decision. I arrived at the place around 9:55pm last night, because I wanted to be there early to conduct an interview with K-DANS band members and Georgy. After being there for a while, the promoter advises he will drop the price from $25 to $20 without any explanation for his decision. Without questioning him, I went online and advertise the price drop, not knowing the reason behind it. I did not know the band was not coming due to bad weather until a couple of hours after he mentioned the price drop. He explained K-DANS could not make it from the New York flight due to bad weather condition and he tried to fly them out of New Jersey and he had no luck with that either. Situations like that happened all the time in that type of business or life in general. However, I felt J.C.P should have made an announcement to his fans and supporters sooner than he did. We understand flights cancelled due to bad weather happened all the time, it’s an unfortunate or uncontrollable situation, but why not make an announcement to your supporters the minute you are aware of the situation. Making an announcement sooner would have prevented a lot of people being upset and felt they were lied to. I believe JCP will post a press release on his page to explain what happened last night. As a business man, a fair guy, I believe he will work out something with each one of you. I also believe he deserves a second chance it was a poor business decision on his part and people do make mistake.
Now, to all RadioTambou fans and supporters, We at work with everyone and for everyone, we do promotions, but we only have control of events held by BPE (Bon Prix Entertainment) and EZ entertainments. Thank you for your continuous support.

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