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After leaving Zenglen to go back with his old friend Ralph Menelas to bring back 509, Kenny Desmangles is now once again a free agent.
After spending almost a years and a half working on an album for 509, Kenny decided to leave his own band because things weren't working out for him and Ralph.
Moved to Haiti, our source told us that Kenny was contacted by a few up coming band and also a couple of already established band to join them.
But our source again told us that right now Kenny decided to go on tour with Mass Kompa.
Mass Kompa is one of the established band that been talking to Kenny to join them. As of right now, Kenny is not a member of Mass Kompa yet but he only agreed on touring with them for the summer because as a senator Gracia Delva might not be able to make it on time or even make it at all to some Mass Kompa gig.  
Our source also told us that after the busy summer tour, Gracia Delva and mass Kompa management will seat down with Kenny to discuss having him on the band permanently.

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