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Well as you all know right after the new year start the whole HMI is focus on Kanaval. No band or solo artist will take chance dropping new album or single after December before Kanaval over. The band like T-vice,Djakout,Sweet Micky,Kreyol la and other who always participate in the kanaval 3 days line up turn their focus 100% on preparing their Kanaval song. But during that period other band like Nu-look,Klass,Zenglen,Disip and other who knows that they are not going to be part of the 3 days festivity turn their focus on working on new music. Well now here is what to look for in the few month coming up. First on the list is VAYB. All eye is on Mickael Guirand,Shedley Abraham of Vayb to see what they will bring in the market. It's been almost a year since they did their grand premiere in Haiti and they been playing everywhere since. But now the fans want to here new material from them because they tired of the Carimi now. According to MG the album should drop later this month. Is it going to happen or not? Will VAYB bring us a different sound or MG and Shedley who participate in all Carimi's album just drop another Carimi album under a new name? Other band who been working on studio who we expect to get a new album from also are: KARIZMA.With a new maestro who we know that produce music very well and also another Keyboardist, the fans also waiting to see what they will bring soon. KREYOL LA slowly they been working in the studio on their new album. Right after the Kanaval over Kreyol la did not take any time to drop a new single with video on the market. Are the album ready yet?I don't think so but it's not too far either. ZENGLEN another band that been under the fans radar ever since Kenny and Reginald left even though they had a very good album with Wid and Frero. This album will decide the faith of Zenglen the legacy of BRUTUS. The album was supposed to be release in September but push back to when? We don't know but one thing for sure the fans can't wait to hear something new from Zenglen with the 3 singers. Also Septent Trionale been working on a new album for about a year and half now. According to our source the album is pretty much done now but they still doing arrangement on a few songs. Album should release before the summer also . Klass been working slowly,Nu-Look is working,new band like LINKOP due to be realease this summer.Log-in with Dano as new maestro now working to release a new album around the summer. According to our source also Dener Céide been working on an album but not sure yet if it's going to be solo or band. Stay connected with us for more. RT
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