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HKP drop the ball like his boy Tom Brady!!!

 I know your first plan were to have 5Lan open the night playing a few songs to warm up the crowd before bringing Rutshelle on stage. When you found out at the last minute 5Lan were going to be very late, you should have changed the plan by having one of the DJ’s open the night,  then have Rutshelle performed.  By not doing that, 5Lan performed very, very late, the night was not as fun for some fan that end up leaving without seeing Rutshelle performance. I also think Rutshelle should have been inside the place early regardless the time she was scheduled to perform. That way her fan could have spent time with her, take pictures, buy the cd and have her signed them. It was not good for the party to start that late. I suggest you bring Rutshelle back by herself in a different setting (just like you did with Belo first time here) so her fans, your supporter can enjoy her performance better.  One thing I did notice seeing her on stage for the first time is that she enjoy the stage, she has a lot of energy and performs very well. KEEP AN OPEN MIND NEXT TIME HKP!

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