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Highest-Paid Soccer Playe...  Who Is Worth $1.15 Million a Month? It's a good living if you can cut it. A Portuguese firm that specializes in the economics of soccer published a list last month

It's a good living if you can cut it.

A Portuguese firm that specializes in the economics of soccer published a list last month of the 50 highest-paid soccer players in the world.

It should come as no surprise that the players on the list are among the best players on the most popular and richest teams in the world. And all but one play in Europe.

Kaka, who makes 750,000 euros a month playing for AC Milan, tops the Futebol Finance roster. His fellow Brazilian Ronaldinho is second, earning 710,000 euros a month at Barcelona. Englishmen Frank Lampard and John Terry of Chelsea, and Spaniard Fernando Torres of Liverpool round out the top five.

The list is based based on the salaries paid by the players' clubs, not endorsement deals with boot makers or soft-drink manufacturers or revenue from signature fragrance lines, which can be incredibly lucrative for the most marketable stars.

There are eight Chelsea players on the list, including four in the top 10. Barcelona, Manchester United and Real Madrid have six players each on the list, and three each from Liverpool, Inter and Juventus. Munich and Lyon have two players on the list. AC Milan may have the most expensive player in the game, but Kaka is the only member of the rossoneri who earns more than 350,000 euros a month (the salary of Sampadoria's Antonio Cassano at No. 50).

Real Madrid's Iker Casillas (No. 13) is the best-paid goalkeeper in the world, one of five shot stoppers on the list.

There are a number of factors teams consider when signing a player to such a stunning contract. His perceived value to the team, relative to the other players the team could sign, may be based on his age, the length of his contract and the opportunity cost of letting a player be snatched up by a team's rival.

There are six English teams, but league leaders Arsenal are not one of the profligate spenders. Five Italian teams are represented and four Spanish clubs. A few players from three French sides (Paris St. Germain, Lyon and Marseilles) appear on the list, but Bayern Munich is the only German team represented. There are no players from Portuguese or Dutch teams, but one from Major League Soccer — David Beckham.

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