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According to a very good source,yesterday afternoon two promoter who does not see eye to eye almost became Donald Trump and kim jon hill. The source told us that one promoter went to a venue where the other promoter rented for his event . The promoter who rented that place for his event that night feels like the other promoter who's not his friend should have not be there at that time around 3pm before his party.According to the source again the promoter who have the place for that night started asking the other promoter what the F you doing here? Why you here for? I know and heard about you,so get the F out of here. This is my place for the day so i don't want to see you here right now.A few other people who was there,prevent the fight to get physical but the verbal fight did happened. Was the promoter who rented that place have a reason to be mad? My answer is yes and yes again. If you know you not friend with him,why in hell you go to his place for?I don't care why you were there for because that his place for that night. Things like tath is not good and can have been prevented.AA Manke voye Hier aprè midi nan Atlanta.kout pwen,kout pye,kase dyol neg manke fèt hier apre midi antre 2 promotè ki pa zanmi nan zòn nan.
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